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Plus, it can help regardless of your state, and if you want a CDL or motorcycle license.Advertisement10 Things You Need to Know About Driver's License PointsMichelle Megna3/04/14 5:00pm1137EditPromoteGo to permalinkScoring points DriverBackup2 also allows you to restore and delete unnecessary drivers. Technology weblog Cnet News discovered that until Windows releases official multi-touch drivers for Windows 8 installing the Windows 7 drivers from Synaptics will…How to Dual Boot Linux on Your Mac and It's an incredibly…Read more PidginAdvertisementAdvertisementWhether you live and die by instant messaging or just need it for the occasional contact, having a desktop client is much easier than using the web.

Be sure to include the semicolon at the beginning so Windows knows you’re adding a new folder.(Windows 10): Click “New” and paste the folder path where you extracted the Platform Tools. If MusicBee isn’t your cup of tea, check out the extended pack below for a few more options.Top 10 Underhyped Windows AppsSome apps are essential, and everyone who's anyone knows to There’s no worse feeling than having your hard drive crash and having to start from scratch. So many of us in the city don’t even own a car, instead relying on apps like Uber and Lyft when we need a ride or Zipcar for longer errands. http://lifehacker.com/lifehacker-pack-for-windows-our-list-of-the-essential-787533613

Must Have Software For Windows 10

This year we’ve added a new app or two, removed some unnecessary ones to keep the ever-growing pack lean, and included links to more Lifehacker guides on getting the most out You’ll need to know where you extracted the Platform Tools package in the last step, so keep that folder location handy.WindowsDepending on which version of Windows you’re using, these steps may With an app like Pidgin, you can sign into multiple accounts at once (like Google Talk, AIM, and Facebook Chat), carry on multiple conversations in one window, and do all sorts It seems like…Read more AviraNo matter how careful you are, every computer should have a good antivirus program installed.

Most people who read Lifehacker keep their own systems regularly updated, but if you've fallen off the wagon this free program is a good utility to get back on track.Edit: my You can download the Platform Tools package from the SDK website here. For the rest of us, there’s Paint.NET: a basic, free, easy-to-use image editor that fills the basic needs you’ll encounter on a regular basis. Best Software For Windows 7 Use it to add your own shortcuts to Windows Explorer, create a customized boss key, put your computer to sleep, and lots, lots more.

While ADB is often used in conjunction with rooting or modifying your phone, you can use ADB to send terminal commands to unrooted devices as well.Fastboot: When you need to modify Best Programs For Windows 10 The application is portable with a caveat: you'll need administrative privileges for full use. In this case, one of the first troubleshooting steps you should take is to update the driver, since these issues may be fixed in a new update.The main exception to this http://lifehacker.com/tag/drivers We are working to restore service.

Not only can you launch your favorite programs with just a few keystrokes, but you can also open documents and folders, perform calculations, kill processes, search the web, and perform any Must Have Software For Windows 7 Set it, forget it, and relax.There's No Excuse for Not Backing Up Your Computer. We are working to restore service. Simplenote’s native Windows app is now available, but ResophNotes is still our pick, letting you sync plain text notes through Simplenote or Dropbox so you can get back to work.

Best Programs For Windows 10

So driving while sleep deprived may be even more dangerous at night when visibility is limited and your internal clock is telling you to catch some Zs. Enable Touch-pad Gestures on Windows 8 RTMDavid Galloway8/18/12 3:00pm50EditPromoteGo to permalinkIf you've downloaded Windows 8 release-to-manufacturing (RTM) to your laptop you may notice that you don't have any support for multi-touch Must Have Software For Windows 10 Our previous pick, Avast!, has been scoring lower in antivirus testing according to both AV Comparatives and AV-Test than in previous years, so Avira is our new go-to for free antivirus Best Apps For Windows 10 Laptop How the New Google Photos Makes Your Picture Library AwesomeGoogle announced Google Photos last week, a new photo hosting service that combines everything…Read more The Desktop Uploader just makes it easier

If you ever hunted for obscure drivers online, when installing legacy or obscure hardware for instance, DriverBackup2 will save you the hassle of searching them out again. We like them, and may play yours on the show!Email your question to [email protected] keep your questions as brief as possible. AutoHotkey is a …Read more Illustration by Nick Criscuolo. Even if you only edit the occasional INI file, Notepad++ will make you happy.How to Get More Plus out of Notepad++Notepad++ is the most popular text editor for Windows, and we Best Pc Programs

So don’t forget to grab those ones manually after you’ve installed the rest of the pack with Ninite!AdvertisementDownload the 2016 Lifehacker Pack HereSo, without further ado, here is the 2016 Lifehacker Plus, music isn’t the only thing you can listen to on Spotify. If you need to edit PDFs, check out our favorite PDF editor, PDF-XChange.Internet and CommunicationChromeThe browser wars aren’t as close as they used to be, and most power users have switched This year we’re also including the slightly more advanced but still free GIMP, since its such a staple in any casual image editor’s arsenal.How to Make GIMP Work More Like PhotoshopOver

My current project is a Strandbeest model kit.How Do I Submit a Question?There are two ways to send in your question:Call (347) 687-8109 and record a question. Best Apps For Pc Windows 7 Will I notice any improvements in speed or features if I have the latest versions? We are working to restore service.

Just make sure to disable Java in your browser for.Revo UninstallerWhen you uninstall a program with Windows’ built-in tool, sometimes it leaves behind extra files or registry entries that it can’t

Kristen! If you pick the right one, it’ll be lightweight enough that you never notice it, but strong enough to pick up any infection that comes your way. Just open up Device Manager (by clicking on the Start orb and typing "device manager" into the search box) and right-clicking on the hardware you want to update. Useful Softwares For Laptop Regular printing and scanning is already built right into Windows, and you don't need photo editors, cloud services, and other junk bloating up your machine.

This method will automatically add the location of ADB and fastboot to your PATH every time you log into your system:Open up a Terminal window by navigating to Applications/Utilities or searching lifehackerDeadspinFusionGizmodoJalopnikJezebelKotakuLifehackerThe RootVideoSkilletTwo CentsVitalsOffspringthe upgradeAppsHow I WorkDriverIdentifier Checks for Driver Updates, Offers Easy InstallsDavid Galloway2/18/12 3:00pmFiled to: Windows downloadsWindowsDownloadsDriversSystem updates36EditPromoteShare to KinjaToggle Conversation toolsGo to permalinkWindows: DriverIdentifier is a desktop/webapp hybrid—install the This seems…Read more Listen to the show to hear about how Kristen became interested in cars herself, the future of self-driving vehicles, and my emotional confession of never learning to drive However, if you’re comfortable with a command line, it’s still pretty simple.

If you know you’re going to need them in the future (like if you’re a Netflix user, which requires Silverlight), go ahead and download them right now. A lightweight drill/driver should be the first power tool that anyone owns. Fastboot isn’t enabled for all phones, so you may have to check your specific device.Both of these tools come with the Android SDK, however that’s an extremely large download that, frankly, We are working to restore service.

Revo…Read more HandbrakeHandbrake isn’t a must-have for everyone, but it’s very useful for anyone ripping, encoding, or otherwise working with videos. So, for our note-taking portion of the pack, we give you two options: ResophNotes and Evernote.